»It is unlikely you will find such a comprehensive collection of passenger tickets presented in such a highly organized, yet visually stimulating, way. Fairchild proves that tickets are not only a rite of passage to distant lands, but they themselves reveal the transformation of history and geography throughout the world.« - Trains (US)

»...this splendid volume, an encyclopedia in all but name, could only have been produced in the 21st century by an author using the latest technology to obtain his information and illustrations and a publisher using the finest production methods. ... immense thought and planning must have been given to this and it transforms what might have been a picture book into a source of very useful information. ... The illustrations in Gordon Fairchild's book reflect the cream of the world's collections and many of the examples are extremely rare and sometimes unique.« - The Ephemerist, Journal of the Ephemera Society (UK)

»... might be best considered as a coffee table book to be browsed at leisure. ... Any ticket collector should derive pleasure from periodically dipping into this book. You are guaranteed to find something new to add to your store of ticketing knowledge each time you pick it up.« - Transport Ticket Society Journal (UK)